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New Release – Unsub & n0isemakeR – Four Degrees EP [PHDMXX03]

PHDM | October 15, 2021

Four Degrees EP

Following on from their staunchly unrelenting Balkanizer release, Unsub & n0isemakeR delve back into the realms of deep emotional exploration with their four song concept EP that tells an introspective tale of interpersonal relationships through the lens of dancefloor Drum & Bass.

Opening with “One If By Nature” an passionate driving journey into the glow of summer evenings that feature a warm blanket of bass, juke-style vocals and uplifting melodic synths. The rolling drums leading into piano pad atmospherics setting a vibe that will stay with you after listening.

“Two If By Need” switches up the vibe to a something more contemplative as Unsub & n0isemakeR explore themes of desire and longing. Carried along by haunting pads, swelling synths and 2 step jungle rolling rhythms. The song Switches tone midway through to a more inquisitive vibe that sets the scene for the next part in the story.

“Three If By Nurture” the rolling jungle influenced stepper is a darker, deeper and more pensive wander through the city streets at night with its minimal influenced bass dancing around its clean percussive rhythms. Like taking in the atmosphere just before the night kicks off or the resolution to go for kick-ons with the nights chosen family.

The fourth and final song rounding out the release is “Four If By Greed”, the approaching sunlight of ethereal pads give way to jungle rhythms and exploratory punctuating bass that feels both like a beginning and an end. A sign of things to come and a reminder of things that have been. Switching up in the latter part of the song to a half time breaksy jaunt before returning to the rising sun pulls the energy back into the moment and rounds out the journey and sets a high bar for their follow up set to come out in November.

Written by PHDM


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