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One Small Step – The Road Ahead

PHDM | February 7, 2022

It feels bizarre to be seeing the date these days; 2022… WHAT?!

     We, like most people we know, have had a hard time adjusting to and processing what’s been going on in the world. Questioning our purpose, our dreams, the hopes moving forward and wondering when things might change for the better and we could plan out touring, shows and connecting with people again. We took some time to refocus, figure out what is important, how we can adapt to the world as it is and how we can best build on the foundations we’ve built moving forward in a way that keeps us inspired, creative and connected with and by the people we love (you!).

Despite the craziness of the last few years and the unstable nature of the industry (particularly the live shows, which we all miss dearly), we’re set to make this year our most creative and best yet. We’re kicking off our first release of the year in March alongside the first of our music films to establish the visual world of PHDM with “Glitter“, a collaboration between Unsub & n0isemakeR, J. Augustus and MC Astro. It marks the directorial and editing debut of Lily Unsub with cinematography by Taylor Kokas. We’ll be running a premiere for it in the second half of March alongside an interview to be announced soon.



     We also have our first stopmotion short film in pre-production. The stopmotion / animation studios are built and we’re now starting initial animation tests and concept set builds. We’ll be adding more clips, behind-the-scenes photos/videos and ongoing updates through out the year that can be found here or more in-depth via patreon. The first of many creative projects building the PHDM Universe; our initial short introduces the back story to one of our main characters and their introduction into the world of PHDM and we’re super excited to be working on it in collaboration with J. Augustus and Amber Kokas.



     The second half of this year will also be host to our first “Reassemble” compilation; introducing a collection of new artists (and characters) into the PHDM-U as they re-imagine and re-assemble established songs into their own stories with their own unique vision. If you follow us closely you’ll likely have heard a few sneak peeks at some of the artists involved such as Kiljoy (Evan Short of Concord Dawn), Migration Recs boss Rob Sparx, NexGenMusic boss Daniel Clarke, Alion of Totally Roasted, Aisuru (Mike of Sick Cycle), PHDM Alumni Getafix, Biobird, Face Invada, An Galar Dub and J. Augustus head honcho of sister label Quaziscience being just a few of the talented humans involved. We’re super excited to be bringing them into the fold to start telling their stories in the world we’re creating.



     Speaking of worlds; you may also have seen the introduction of more of our Little-Verse characters, created by the amazingly talented artist Bee who we’ve worked with for the last 2 years. As we go along we’ll be adding more of our team and artists into the fold with them. They’re also part of a currently in production project that we’ll be announcing in the second half of the year so keep an eye out for that! Beyond that we have debut releases and collaborations coming with Tinkerb9l, Chris De Lott and Intalekt MC in the second half of the year and new EPs from Josie Gets Naked, Unsub & n0isemakeR and Alexis K.

     Finally, we have new shows starting on Pure Heart Dirty Mind Radio this year. Audio Alchemy with Johnny Mystic kicked off last month, Not A Live Sex Show with Getafix returned to the airwaves and we have new shows kicking off soon; The Bass Lab Sessions with Delboy, The Dark Artz with Artemizia, The 13th Floor with J. Augustus and The Sanctuary with Unsub & n0isemakeR.

Thank you for all the continued loved and support.
We’re so excited to show you whats coming up next.
Pure Heart Dirty Mind!

Written by PHDM


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