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Pure Heart Dirty Mind

PHDM | August 28, 2021

So this is what we’ve spent the last 5 years building. The story of it is much longer than that but this chapter has been building what started out as our own record label to be a home for our stories but now includes a radiostation, artist management, mastering, a film production house and a currently being built stopmotion studio. What originally started as a place for me and my headmates (we have Dissociative Identity Disorder) to release our music and art safely without having to deal with the music industry bs or face more harassment/controlling/abusive behaviour from those in power within it, evolved into something much more.

The music releases are like seeds being planted, telling multi faceted stories that weave in and out of each other the same way our interactions with each other do. Expanding that to include artists who came into our lives and became part of our story as we became part of theirs keeps that story growing. Eventually it becomes one giant interwoven story of connection. A family tree of sorts.

“I used to believe I was a storyteller who wanted to become art but I am a story in the art of becoming and the music, drawings, films are the process of it.”

We’ve built something that no one can take from us and its been a level of empowerment we’ve not really had before in our lives. We’ve had the privilege of meeting some truly incredible people through music and art (as well as some terrible ones) and since we could make it work for us… being able to release music when we need to, take breaks and deal with mental/physical health as we need to (we also have hypermobile ehler danlos syndrome which gives us chronic pain) without worrying that we’d cause issues with people… we figured maybe we can help others with it too. In the same way. Take the ethos of good people helping good people because they can.

Dissociative Identity Disorder tends to shape our understanding of the world and therefore the way we’ve built things; the protectors, the Littles/vulnerable ones, and understanding the different needs and support that each of us need has allowed us to approach building these things in a way that leans into those roles we all take in life.

It started here with a statement of intent;

Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records (P.H.D.M) is a music label embracing the diversity and duality of the human experience through the art of musical storytelling. Our mission is to provide a platform for authentic expression and exploration of the heights and depths of emotion and passion found in all facets of the human experience without judgement or expectation.

Despite the challenges, both personally and professionally, its the most amazing thing to be where we are already. Our lives have been entirely shaped and defined by extreme trauma. We needed to create in order to understand and process it; something beautiful came out of that, which we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to share with millions of people around the world and now being able to help others to start to do the same has turned survival into thriving.

There are still often difficult days; living with DiD (and having 2 of us under 8) and the pains of EDS is complicated at the best of times but being able to look at what we’ve managed to create, the people that we’ve helped and who’ve then helped others, the music, the art, the chosen family across the world… we wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

Just felt like sharing this,
Love, the girls xX

Written by PHDM


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