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The multi-talented Alexis K comes to the forefront in this exquisite new release out today on PHDM.

Alexis has been involved in underground music for nearly a decade, and has previously featured on remix projects with Ministry and Trapt . Back fresh from her mind-blowing collaboration on The Misadventures Of Pilbourne Delaney released earlier this year, ‘A Priori’ is her long awaited and first solo album.

With rolls of deep thunder keys, ‘Ambiguity & Disintent’ kicks off the LP with lashings of heatwave reverb and shimmering high glitch. Undulating sub layers give way to tinkling pianos and wonky offbeats in ‘Cirque Des Reves’ , with the mood rising into a coming of age story with booming fireworks in ‘City Of Broken Hearts’ . Practice waltzing down moonlit alleyways with ‘Homebound’ , and swimming in the deep continental drift of ‘Optimal Grind’ .

‘I Need To Feel’ is a heartfelt manifesto of sawtooth drive and begging keys, laying the groundwork for a rising awakening in ‘Melancholism In F# Major.’ ‘Ritmo Di Luca’ features a spine chilling frisson of cymbals, keys and minor strings, giving way to a beautiful avalanche of drums and low-end bass. ‘The Lust’ employs knee trembling, lip biting tones, and ‘Sundance At Dawn’ emanates a gun-laden, western-style standoff between guitar and bass. ‘Sunfields’ conjures relaxed poolside emotions transforming into a broad, sunset-streaked horizon of pads, cinematic strings and bass warble in ‘The Fly.’ ‘The Velvetine Rub’ cites brooding darkness delivered with expert technical precision.

Every track is perfectly weighted from start to finish, which clearly illuminate Alexis K’s pedigree. With her first release on PHDM now firmly under her belt she sets herself in pole position to race to dizzying new heights. A Priori surely sets the stage for more ground shaking to come…

Listen, buy, and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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