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Alexis K returns to PHDM with a follow-up to her 2019 debut solo LP ‘A Priori.’

Weighing in with 13 pristine cuts of deep dubstep explorations, ‘Posteriori’ takes you on a journey from the depths of wrenching, filthy bass to soaring, contemplative melodies.

LP opener ‘August 16th’ sets the tone with plaintive dual vocals over a warped bass, ‘Circadian Rhythms’ propels off the back of tinkling piano into a crunching stepper, and ‘King Of Hearts’ revels in the contrast of lyric-less female vocals against a buzzsaw bass and stuttering, reverberated drums.

On the nastier side, ‘Control’ sizzles with unbridled ferocity, and ‘March Of The Bubble Kings Army’ lives up to its evocative name with a stomping beat exuding equal parts menace and purpose. ‘Playa Haters Club’ leads with a cheeky sample from 80’s comedy blockbuster A Fish Called Wanda before settling into a lurching, sleazy workout. ‘Mortal’ summons a sickly bass tone to wreak unsuspecting havoc on a haunting plucked string motif.

Standout tracks ‘Organism,’ ‘Time’ and ‘Scatter’ make effective use of eerie FX and dubwise riddims to ratchet introspective tension, while the heartfelt sounds of ‘Obsessions’ – a soulful rally about “so-called friends” – taps into raw emotion, and ‘Nicco’ which features a trademark piano lick over Little Drummer Boy fills.

Posteriori will surely satisfy both hardcore fans and the more casual listeners of the dubstep genre. Prepare to get lost in the sonic maelstrom of Alexis K…

Listen, buy and enjoy! 🙂

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