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Following up from her previous collaborative effort with Alexis K, Unsub dives deeper into sonic storytelling with this 13 track exploration of Drum & Bass, Dub and Electronica.

Staunchly aggressive basslines, sweeping orchestral motifs and guitar driven adventures set the mood in the second release from Pure Heart Dirty Mind Records (PHDM).

The journey kicks off on a dubstep tip, with spellbinding piano riffs, soulful and hypnotic vocal hits and devastating basslines in Liv Wilder . On to clever percussive rhythms weaving through seductive, serpent-like melodies in Deceit & Deliverance . Straight into the sexy growling bass of Glamour . The ride then takes a turn into the more ambient heaviness, of Looking Glass , where atmospheric sounds paint a futuristic soundscape over that trademark PHDM killer bass vibe.

We take it up a notch with Well & Gone , where soulful vocals ride over driving basslines and mischievous synths. On to Breeders , where rock guitars dominate the scene, peppered with clever edits and clean percussion. Pure mayhem ensues, hold tight!

The ride takes a turn into driving basslines, steady piano hooks and deep soul vocal licks painting the soundscape in The Clap in the Shack Came Back . Evolving into the deliciously sexy eastern flavors of Erotomania . Straight into the in-your-face attitude, driving bass and steady-rolling piano riffs of Signs of Aggression .

Up next, the sound of Alexis K squares off against the formidable Unsub in the futuristic banger, Surreptitious – look out!

Lightening the mood, we head into Love Korine , where delicate piano dances with Spanish-influenced guitar riffs, and sexy vocal touches, taking things up a notch into this tidy little drum and bass number.

The Spanish guitar vibes continue into Rio De La Fuego , a teasing, high-octane mission, leading into the conclusion of our journey with Catatonia , marrying ethereal vocal touches, Spanish guitars and hard-hitting bass.

Drop further down the rabbit hole with Unsub’s – Surreptitious LP

Listen, buy, and enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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